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July 2017 submissions

How to submit your Race Equality Charter application

Please note that the deadline for sending us the electronic version of applications for the July 2017 round is 5.00 pm, Friday 14 July 2017. Forms should be submitted by email to

Please note: You must have sent notification of your intention to submit to the ECU Equality Charters team by 5.00 pm, Friday 12 May 2017 to be eligible to apply in the July 2017 round.

Applications will not be accepted from institutions that have failed to send us a valid intention to submit notification.

Please let us know as soon as possible if your institution wishes to withdraw any intentions to submit we have received.

What to submit

Submissions should include:

  • The submission document
  • the action plan
  • for a renewal or upgrade submission, the previous updated action plan

These should be submitted as one consolidated PDF file. The file name should include the name of the institution and the level of award being applied for.

Submitting by email

In your submission email, you should include:

  • if the application is a new, renewal or upgrade application
  • whether hard copies will follow (see below)
  • whether additional words have been granted
  • the name, email address and phone number of the application contact (to match those on the front of the application)

Once received, submissions will be acknowledged by us by email, however this may not be until after the deadline has passed. If you do not receive an acknowledgement that we have received your submission within five working days of the deadline please telephone us on 020 7438 1026.

Although ECU Equality Charters staff are happy to field questions at any time, be aware that the team is extremely busy in the days running up to the deadline and cannot guarantee to respond to queries made at late notice.

All submissions are treated as confidential by the Race Equality Charter judging panels.

Colour copies

Submissions will be printed in black and white for panellists. If your submission needs to be considered in colour, submitting institutions should email the PDF file by the deadline and also send in eight colour copies within five working days of the deadline. For ease of postage, we much prefer that these are printed double-sided and corner stapled, rather than bound.

Word limits for submissions

Applicants are advised that submissions may not be assessed if they are over the word limit.

The word count for each section must be clearly indicated after each section of the submission document with the overall word count stated on the front of the application. If we cannot determine the number of words easily, the application may not be assessed.

If the presentation of the word count information in the application is unclear (for example, large blocks of prose incorporated into a table that would make sense without the context of the table and not counted in the published word counts) and it is subsequently found to be over the word limit in any section, the application may not be assessed.

  • Graph and table titles, legends and action plan links/points are exempt from the word count.
  • Quotes included from your survey are also exempt from the word count as long as each one is no longer than 50 words.

Note: Please avoid using fonts smaller than 12 pts. You will not be penalised for the length of your document if it meets the word count requirements.

Additional words

Applicants who have been awarded additional words must clearly and prominently state the reason for these being awarded and include the email from the Equality Charters team in which these were confirmed as part of their application. The statement should cover how many have been permitted and where they have been used.