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Advancing equality and diversity in universities and colleges

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Equality in higher education: statistical report 2016

Our ninth annual statistical report presents high-level equality data to highlight national issues and support institutional benchmarking.

he-stats-staff-2016-cover-mediumUsing data from the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA), the publication provides a snapshot of the age, disability, ethnicity and gender of staff and students in higher education for the 2014/15 academic year, as well as on the interplay of these identities (for example, female black students or male disabled staff). In addition, for the third consecutive year, the report presents information relating to institutional collection and return rates of gender identity, religion and belief and sexual orientation data.

What’s new

In May 2016, ECU undertook a review of its annual statistical reports to streamline production while ensuring the content and format best meet the needs of report users. To assist this review, we surveyed stakeholders to better understand how they access the report, their preferred format, and suggested improvements.

More detail: On this basis, we redeveloped the reports to present high-level findings, while expanding the detail and coverage in the accompanying Excel tables. Our Excel tables disaggregate the data presented in our report further by, for example, impairment type, ethnic group, and subject area. The online data tables also include information previously published as part of our Athena SWAN benchmarking resource. We encourage readers to use this report as a starting point for further examination of the data available in these Excel tables.

A new look: In addition, we have refreshed the look of the reports to make cross-referencing information easier and printing and viewing electronic copies more accessible.

Download the reports

Excel data tables

To help you access and analyse the data, all of the tables presented in these reports are available to download in Excel format. These also include further detail not included in the report: for example, data disaggregated by five-year age group, impairment type, ethnic group, and subject area.

Links to download the data tables are available in the reports.

Note: If you downloaded a copy of the student report before 01.02.2017, please note that the number of Research PG students in table 0.7 on p30 was incorrect. Changes have also been made to the vertical percentages presented in tables 4.7a, 4.8a and 4.9a in the linked Excel tables in the student report which were also incorrect.

Note: If you downloaded a copy of the staff report before 28.04.2017, please note that the figure on p140 did not correspond to data in table 3.6 as it should have. The figure has now been corrected.

These errors have been amended in the designed student report and online Excel tables available to download.