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Trans staff and students in higher education: revised 2010
  • Publication date:
    May 2010
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Trans staff and students in higher education: revised 2010

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Fully revised guidance for the HE sector

This guidance for higher education institutions covers issues relating to trans staff and students. It will help institutions to meet their legal responsibilities, ensure their policies and procedures better meet the needs of trans people, and most importantly, provide effective support to staff and students during transition.

This practical resource is a must for staff who are supporting a trans colleague or student, and can also be used to increase awareness of gender identity issues. It should also inform the development of institutional policies and processes to support, and combat discrimination against, trans staff and students.

Areas covered include:

Background and context

  • Terminology
  • Use of language
  • The process of gender reassignment
  • The legal framework

 Promoting trans equality within a higher education institution

  • Ensuring awareness of gender identity issues
  • Practical issues: from accommodation to sports
  • Bullying, harassment and discrimination against trans people
  • Monitoring trans staff and students

Responsibilities when supporting a person who is transitioning

  • Preparing and planning for a staff member's or student's transition
  • Managing the reactions of colleagues and fellow students
  • Supporting changes in gender presentation

Resources for higher education institutions

This publication replaces ECU's 2008 guidance, with updated legislative and best practice information.