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Religion and belief

This page shows information that is specifically Religion and belief related. You may find some other relevant information under the general subject category.


Religion and belief impacts on staff and student experiences of higher education

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ECU research launched today (11 July 2011)

ECU response to National Secular Society

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ECU responds to NSS claims that religion and belief survey has a pro-religious bias

Groundbreaking survey into religion and belief is launched

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Staff and students in higher education with a religion or belief invited to take part

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Include and inspire: sport and fitness services in higher education

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A guide for HEI sports service managers and students' unions

Religion and belief in HE: researching the experiences of staff and students

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Providing a nationwide evidence-base exploring issues around religion and belief in the staff and student experience

Religious observance in higher education: facilities and services Toolkit

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ECU's second briefing about practical issues that arise on campus in relation to religion or belief

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Inclusive practice

Accommodating religious practice during the exam period: Ramadan

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Ramadan will coincide with the main exam period from 2014 to 2018 and a large percentage of Muslim students will be combining the challenges of exams with fasting and other religious observance

Case study: an inclusive approach to timetabling exams

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Ramadan will coincide with the main exam period from 2014 to 2018. This case study shows how a higher education institution might accommodate religious practice during exam and assessment periods

Extending diversity monitoring: encourage meaningful disclosure

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Tips for introducing new diversity monitoring categories

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Measuring progress on equality: qualitative evidence

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Guidance to help institutions track and demonstrate their performance on equality using qualitative evidence

Clare Pavitt's profile

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Clare currently works on projects related to equality and sexual orientation and religion and belief

Religion and belief in HE regional workshop: Nottingham

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Exploring the findings of ECU's groundbreaking research into the experience of staff and students with religion and belief in HE

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Staff responsible for this subject.

Clare Pavitt
Senior Policy Adviser

Telephone: 020 7269 6546