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Our team

The team is made up of people, working on areas of policy, research, resources and communications. Find out who you need to talk to and how to contact them.

Get in touch

For policy and research enquiries >

GaryL websiteGary Loke, Director of Knowledge, Insights, Innovation and Delivery


Telephone: 020 7438 1024



amandaa-websiteAmanda Aldercotte, Head of Knowledge and Research


Telephone: 020 3870 6011



DavidB websiteDavid Bass, Associate Director for Scotland, Wales and Ireland

Telephone: 01313 223 736



MeganD-websiteMegan Dunn, Senior Policy Adviser

Megan leads on disability and age.

Telephone: 020 7438 1021



KevinKevin Guyan, Researcher

Kevin works on the development, analysis and delivery research initiatives.

Telephone: 020 7438 1022


Twitter: @kevin_guyan


annei-websiteAnne Ireson, Programme Adviser Scotland

Anne provides policy support to the Scotland office.

Telephone: 01313 223735



Sukhjit Kainth, Training and Learning Adviser

Sukhjit provides strategic and operational support to the development of training and learning services.

Telephone: 020 3870 6018



JessMJessica Moody, Senior Policy Adviser

Jessica leads on social mobility, religion and belief, and sexual orientation.

Telephone: 020 3870 6013



StephanieM-websiteStephanie Millar, Programme Adviser Scotland

Stephanie works with universities and colleges in Scotland.


Telephone: 01313 223 736



ClareP websiteClare Pavitt, Training and Learning Manager

Clare is responsible for developing training and learning resources.

Telephone: 020 7269 6543



EllenP websiteEllen Pugh, Policy Programme Manager

Ellen Pugh has many years of experience working on equality issues especially related to gender and gender identity. Ellen works part-time on Tuesday, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Ellen can also be contacted for race related queries.

Telephone: 020 7438 1018



Kay Steven, Programme Adviser Scotland

Kay provides policy support to the team working with universities and colleges in Scotland.

Telephone: 01313 223738


For Athena SWAN and Equality charter enquiries >

SarahD websiteSarah Dickinson Hyams, Head of Equality Charters

Sarah leads the strategic development of all work relating to the delivery of the equality charter schemes, comprising Athena SWAN (incorporating the gender equality charter) and its race equality charter.

Telephone: 020 7438 1013


Twitter: @Athena_SWAN


RuthEG-websiteRuth Gilligan, Associate Director –  Equality Charters

Telephone: 020 7269 6546



JamesL-website(2)James Lush, Athena SWAN Manager

James has responsibility for Athena SWAN in the UK and Ireland.

Telephone: 020 7269 6547



Holly Howe, Equality Charters Operations Manager 

Holly manages the operation of the Athena SWAN Charter and the Race Equality Charter.

Telephone: 020 3870 6023



Jessica Kitsell, Equality Charters Adviser

Jessica provides support to the operation and development of the Athena SWAN charter.

Telephone: 020 3870 6022



Annie Ruddlesden, Equality Charters Adviser 

Annie provides support to the operation and development of the Athena SWAN charter.

Telephone: 020 7269 6542



StaceyB-websiteStacey Brown, Equality Charters Officer

Stacey provides administrative support and advice on our charters

Telephone: 020 7438 1026


For communication, engagement and media enquiries >

Andrew O’Rourke, Member Support Officer

Andrew supports the delivery of member benefits and services.

Telephone: 020 3870 6015



Arianna Franculacci, Resources Officer (Events)

Arianna provides events support to the external relations teams and resources support to the resources team.

Telephone: 020 7438 1023


For resources, business development and general enquiries >
JulietA websiteJuliet Adams, Head of Resources

Juliet’s role encompasses responsibility for finance, HR and facilities. Juliet is also Company Secretary to the Board of Directors.

Telephone: 020 7438 1014



JoyH websiteJoy Henry, Office Coordinator (London) 

Joy provides support and administrative assistance to staff.

Telephone: 020 7438 1010