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The Athena SWAN Ireland National Committee responds to the Action Plan of the Gender Equality Task Force

Published: 12/11/2018

The National Athena SWAN Committee is delighted that the Gender Equality Taskforce, set up by Minister of State for Higher Education, has acknowledged the transformative impact of Athena SWAN on higher education institutions (HEIs) in Ireland.

Attracting diversity in student access and recruitment

Published: 24/05/2018

What are Scottish further and higher education institutions doing to tackle disadvantage and underrepresentation in student access across protected characteristics?

Reporting staff data on sex to HESA and HMRC

Published: 21/05/2018

Advance HE has received several queries from higher education institutions (HEIs) about how to gather equality data on sex following recent changes to the Higher Education Statistical Agency’s (HESA) monitoring questions.

Estates management for mental health

Published: 17/05/2018

Martin Higgs, Communications Officer, Association of University Directors of Estates (AUDE)

Gender equality as a launchpad for equality for all?

Published: 20/04/2018

Advance HE is pleased to be hosting this panel session on gender and intersectionality at the Scotland conference on Wednesday 25 April.

Staff equality in colleges in Scotland – how can we build on recent research?

Published: 18/04/2018

In this blog post Dr Kevin Guyan, researcher at Advance HE, outlines key findings from the upcoming report ‘Equality in colleges in Scotland: results from the 2017 staff survey and focus groups’ and asks ‘What next?’ for equality and diversity in Scotland’s colleges.

How far have women come in Higher Education?

Published: 08/03/2018

On International Women’s Day we hand over our blog to Policy Project Assistant (and recent History Graduate) Sarah Osho to take the long view on progress for women in HE.

Advancing equality in higher and further education together

Published: 25/01/2018

ECU’s Chief Executive, David Ruebain, reflects on what has been achieved in promoting E&D in higher and further education, plus future opportunities.

Ensuring equality and diversity in nominations to REF 2021 panels

Published: 07/12/2017

ECU’s Policy Programme Manager Ellen Pugh, who is a member of the Research Excellence Framework (REF) Equality and Diversity Advisory Panel (EDAP), responds to questions that ECU has encountered on the requirement to consider equality and diversity in REF panel nominations.

International Day of the Disabled Person 2017

Published: 03/12/2017

ECU’s Senior Policy Adviser Megan Dunn blogs to mark International Day of the Disabled Person 2017.

Reframing diversity and inclusion in engineering

Published: 01/11/2017

Countdown to #ECU2017

Key results from the ASSET 2016 report

Published: 31/10/2017

Countdown to #ECU2017

The emotional labour of equalities work

Published: 27/10/2017

Countdown to #ECU2017

Disability in universities: an uphill struggle

Published: 24/10/2017

Countdown to #ECU2017

Facts, figures and frustrations: the challenges of a national conversation of race disparity

Published: 20/10/2017

ECU examines reactions to the Cabinet Office’s ‘Ethnicity facts and figures’ site and asks: what lessons for HE?

Athena SWAN good practice initiatives resource bank

Published: 18/10/2017

An online resource of good practice throughout the sector to help institutions to continue promoting and progressing gender equality.

Travelling to trans inclusivity

Published: 17/10/2017

Countdown to #ECU2017

It’s only a game? Challenging wicked problems and folk pedagogies

Published: 10/10/2017

Countdown to #ECU2017

World Mental Health Day 2017

Published: 10/10/2017

ECU’s Senior Policy Adviser Megan Dunn blogs to mark World Mental Health Day 2017.

Higher education and tackling racial inequalities

Published: 06/10/2017

How far have we come?

Equality and diversity and open education

Published: 22/09/2017

ECU’s Scotland Programme Manager, David Bass has written a new blog looking at equality and diversity, and open education.

Updated ECU equality monitoring guidance

Published: 04/08/2017

ECU has published updated guidance on equality monitoring, and revised recommended monitoring questions.

Pride in higher education? Staff and student LGB+ Data Trends

Published: 27/07/2017

ECU’s Jess Moody and Dr Kevin Guyan discuss data on sexual orientation of staff and students in UK higher education.

Initial recommendations from ECU’s attracting diversity project

Published: 04/07/2017

Download the full recommendations now.

TEF Tick Tock: Last chance to prepare

Published: 07/06/2017

With next week’s public announcement of Teaching Excellence Framework’s Year Two results, Jess Moody’s blog highlights it’s not too late to ensure your university is using the framework as a useful tool in equality work.

Hurrah for HERA? The Higher Education and Research Act’s relationship with equality and diversity

Published: 02/06/2017

New blog post from ECU’s Chief Executive David Ruebain

Sharing learning from our attracting diversity project

Published: 24/05/2017

This week we shine a spotlight on Edinburgh Napier University’s Attracting Diversity project working to attract more men into nursing.

Sharing learning from our attracting diversity project

Published: 17/05/2017

This week’s focus is on the University of Aberdeen’s involvement in attracting diversity.

Sharing learning from our attracting diversity project

Published: 10/05/2017

The University of Strathclyde showcases the attracting diversity project on open days.

Sharing learning from our attracting diversity project

Published: 03/05/2017

Robert Gordon University works with school pupils to BEAT gender stereotypes.

Sharing learning from our attracting diversity project

Published: 26/04/2017

First blog post in a new series from ECU’s Scotland team.


Published: 24/04/2017

A free resource highlighting ECU’s equalities research.

Religious dress on campus

Published: 06/04/2017

The view from ECU.

A gap in our progress on gender equality

Published: 08/03/2017

ECU celebrates International Women’s Day 2017

Why it’s time for an LGBT network of networks

Published: 22/02/2017

First planning meeting Friday 24 February in London

“Queering the Academy”?

Published: 15/02/2017

Approaches and responses to LGBT inclusive curricula

TEF Year Two: the equality challenge

Published: 13/02/2017

New TEF Year Two briefing note from ECU – February 2017

Whose business is it anyway?

Published: 08/02/2017

Data collection challenges around sexual orientation and gender identity

Celebrating LGBT history month

Published: 01/02/2017

Senior Policy Adviser Jess Moody on #LBGTHM17

Can the Higher Education and Research Bill advance equality and diversity?

Published: 12/01/2017

David Ruebain on the implications of the Higher Education and Research Bill on equality and diversity.

Three principles to tackle underrepresentation in your institution

Published: 07/12/2016

Third blog post from Senior Policy Adviser Chris Brill on the underrepresentation of particular groups in higher education and how these inequalities should, and are, being tackled.

How do we find out if and why particular groups are underrepresented at our universities?

Published: 17/11/2016

Second blog post in a new series from Senior Policy Adviser Chris Brill on the underrepresentation of particular groups in higher education and how these inequalities should, and are, being tackled.

National challenges and local solutions to inequalities in higher education

Published: 03/11/2016

First blog post in a new series from Senior Policy Adviser Chris Brill on the underrepresentation of particular groups in higher education and how these inequalities should, and are being tackled.

Although far from perfect, the HE sector has the chance to lead the way in tackling race inequality

Published: 21/10/2016

Gemma Tracey reflects on how HE leaders can provide a comprehensive response to EHRC’s recent report: Healing a divided Britain: the need for a comprehensive race equality strategy.

Whatever Brexit means, we have a job to do

Published: 21/09/2016

There may not be clarity on what Brexit will mean in reality, but there are opportunities to further and protect equality in higher education, explains David Ruebain.

And they’re off!

Published: 22/06/2016

The starting gun has been fired for the extended Athena SWAN Charter, and new award winners have shown admirable pace, says Professor Helen Beebee.

Building communities of good practice

Published: 08/06/2016

Research officer Dr Julia Halej outlines our work, supported by the Wellcome Trust, to identify initiatives that make a real impact on gender equality in higher education institutions.

How do we support young men in higher education?

Published: 12/05/2016

Understanding the nuances of underrepresentation and achievement levels is key, says ECU’s Gary Loke.

What would ‘Brexit’ mean for equality and diversity law and practice in Britain’s universities?

Published: 10/05/2016

As David Ruebain finds out, the answer may not be straightforward.

Was applying for a Race Equality Charter award a risk?

Published: 03/02/2016

Well, it depends how you define and manage risk, explains Dr Christine Nightingale

Race equality: start the conversation to end the frustration

Published: 18/01/2016

Claire Herbert, manager of ECU’s Race Equality Charter, calls for honest conversations at all levels across the sector

Subscriber stories: King’s College London

Published: 14/12/2015

Debbie Epstein, Diversity and Inclusion Manager, outlines the equality landscape at King’s College London.

Subscriber stories: University of Gloucestershire

Published: 03/12/2015

Clare Peterson, Equality and Diversity Manager, and Anna Hay, Head of Student Wellbeing at University of Gloucestershire share their priorities for the year ahead.

Subscriber stories: Queen Mary, University of London

Published: 02/12/2015

Margaret Ayers, Director of Human Resources, outlines Queen Mary, University of London’s commitment to equality and diversity.

Subscriber stories: University of Surrey

Published: 20/11/2015

Angie Cousins, Head of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, reflects on how ECU has supported her work at University of Surrey over the past ten years.

Subscriber stories: University of Manchester

Published: 23/10/2015

Patrick Johnson, Head of Equality and Diversity, explains why University of Manchester have subscribed to ECU.

Subscriber stories: Liverpool John Moores University

Published: 13/10/2015

Moni Akinsanya, Equality and Diversity Adviser at Liverpool John Moores University explains the perks of joining ECU as a subscriber.

How are UK universities getting involved in HeForShe?

Published: 21/09/2015

Senior Policy Adviser Gemma Tracey finds out more about UN Women’s HeForShe campaign by speaking to two UK universities – Leicester and Oxford – that are involved as impact champions.

Subscriber stories: University of Winchester

Published: 18/09/2015

‘The work, support and recognition of ECU is absolutely crucial to any HEI’ says Carol Kilgannon, Director of Equality and Staff Development at University of Winchester.

Subscriber stories: York St John University

Published: 11/09/2015

Marije Davidson, Equality and Diversity Adviser, tells us what encouraged York St John University to subscribe to ECU

Equality in the Developing the Young Workforce strategy

Published: 08/09/2015

Freya Douglas, Programme Manager (Scotland), attended a Scottish Government event on Tuesday 25 August to discuss how equality featured in the plans for implementing the Developing the Young Workforce (DYW) strategy.

Subscriber stories: Brunel University London

Published: 27/08/2015

Sanchia Alasia, Equality and Diversity Manager at Brunel, tells us why they were the first to subscribe to ECU.

Celebrating ten years of gender equality

Published: 28/07/2015

ECU’s Equality Charters team marked ten years of the Athena SWAN Charter at a celebratory drinks reception hosted by King’s College London. Equality Charters Adviser James Lush gives us a rundown of the evening’s events.

Equality in further education: tailor messages, develop partnerships and be disruptive

Published: 24/07/2015

Senior Policy Adviser Chris Brill reflects on what he learnt at last week’s further education Equality Knowledge Exchange events

How do we open up access to further education?

Published: 08/07/2015

Senior Policy Adviser, Chris Brill, looks ahead to next week’s Further education equality knowledge exchange events.

Tackling inequality and delivering economic growth in Scotland

Published: 29/06/2015

Aileen McKechnie, ‎Director of Advanced Learning and Science, blogs for ECU on what the Scottish Government is doing to tackle inequality and deliver economic growth.

Diversifying our governing bodies: what progress are we making?

Published: 29/05/2015

Chief Executive of ECU, David Ruebain, discusses findings of our latest research and asks: what more should be done to diversify university governing bodies?

Developing a regional approach to fair access

Published: 21/05/2015

Senior Policy Adviser, David Bass, reflects on recent developments in access and equality policy in Scotland and looks forward to our event in June.

Let’s talk about our mental heath

Published: 15/05/2015

For Mental Health Awareness Week 2015, Senior Policy Adviser Chris Brill shares what staff and students have told us about when it comes to talking about mental health

Race equality: A positive step forward in higher education

Published: 06/05/2015

Dr Kalwant Bhopal from the University of Southampton reflects on how the higher education sector can work to improve race equality.

Progressing race equality in higher education

Published: 27/04/2015

As the assessment process for ECU’s race equality charter mark begins, Gary Loke, Head of Policy, reflects on why ECU developed the charter mark, and remarks on the higher education sector’s current progress in race equality.

Engage with disabled learners to help progression through learning levels

Published: 27/03/2015

Disabled learners are clustered at lower SCQF levels. Chris Brill talks about learners’ ideas on how colleges can improve progression.

We need to talk about race

Published: 23/03/2015

Janet Beer calls for more consideration of race equality in HE

Leading the way: advancing staff equality to advance the sector

Published: 19/03/2015

David Ruebain considers the need to recognise those institutions that are leading the way in staff equality and diversity

What is Women’s Day? Is it really necessary?

Published: 13/03/2015

Gemma Tracey ponders what international women’s day, and women’s history month means in the higher education sector, 100 years on.

Improving apprenticeships for all

Published: 12/03/2015

It’s National Apprenticeship Week, but is everyone getting the chance to benefit?

The impact of a Guardian University Award

Published: 15/01/2015

Nona McDuff, head of equality, diversity and inclusion at Kingston University blogs about winning the Guardian University Diversity Initiative Award last year and shares her top tips for applying.

Leading change: starting from the top

Published: 09/01/2015

David Ruebain, chief executive of ECU considers the role of leaders in driving the diversity agenda.