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Home Blog How do we open up access to further education?

How do we open up access to further education?

Published: 08/07/2015

Senior Policy Adviser, Chris Brill, looks ahead to next week's Further education equality knowledge exchange events.

Next week ECU will be hosting two Further education equality knowledge exchange events, focused on helping all learners participate and achieve in further education (FE).

The events provide an opportunity for organisations committed to tackling equality to share their experiences of addressing key challenges within the FE sector. This includes the 29 projects from the Skills Funding Agency’s Equality and diversity good practice fund, which over the last six months have demonstrated commitment to delivering change through, for example:

  • Developing supported apprenticeship programmes that trial innovative ways of collecting evidence for work-based assessments
  • Addressing the underrepresentation of particular groups of learners applying for and gaining apprenticeships
  • Increasing the ability of staff to embed equality and diversity principles within their roles
  • Raising the visibility of lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans identities in colleges and empowering learners

Rural and urban, large and small, national and local organisations funded through the Equality and diversity good practice fund have produced a wealth of materials for the FE sector, including videos, training materials, guidance and fact sheets. Crucially, they have produced practical knowledge of what works and how to make it work – how do you engage with employers, how can you change attitudes of staff and learners?

If you are interested in sharing your experiences as an organisation and learning from others then please sign up here. We hope to see you next week!

Click here to view the event programme.

Click here for a full list of Equality and diversity good practice fund projects.