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Subscriber stories: Queen Mary, University of London

Published: 02/12/2015

Margaret Ayers, Director of Human Resources, outlines Queen Mary, University of London's commitment to equality and diversity.

Margaret-Ayers-(2)-websiteWhat encouraged you to subscribe to ECU?

For us, it really was a ‘no-brainer’. Here at Queen Mary, we have a very strong commitment to equality and diversity so when we took the proposal to our senior executive committee meeting it was a very easy decision to make.

What are the main equality and diversity challenges you have in the year ahead that ECU will be able to support you with?

For us, Athena SWAN, as well as involvement with the forthcoming Race Equality Charter. We’re looking to broaden out our gender equality work as well as delivering the unconscious bias training. We recently recruited a new training manager so that has provided us with a good opportunity

What are you most excited about in your equality and diversity work? 

Overall engagement with the equality and diversity agenda. Queen Mary has very good senior engagement with equality and diversity so there’s no need to ‘sell’ the message. The overall levels of commitment are very clear. We appoint equality and diversity ‘champions’ amongst our staff and take a very bottom-up approach to promoting the agenda.

Where does equality and diversity sit within your university’s strategy?

All the way through. People are one of our key strategic objectives, so issues of equality and diversity feature on both the student and staff sides of the strategy.

What piece of ECU work has been most helpful to you?

Athena SWAN so far.

What is your personal highlight of working with equality and diversity at your institution?

I’ve not been here very long but being an HR person gives you an opportunity to engage with broader issues and allows you to see how plans are joined up.