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Apply for an award

Apply for an institution or department level award.

Applications for ECU’s Athena SWAN awards are accepted in April and November each year. The next deadline is Monday, 30 April 2018.

Applicants must inform us of their intention to submit an application two months in advance of each deadline. The deadline for sending intentions to submit for the next round is Wednesday, 28 February 2018.

Submitting an application

In the April 2018 round, higher education institutions and departments in the United Kingdom must use application forms developed when the Athena SWAN Charter was expanded in May 2015.

There are separate web pages with information for:


For an institution or department to be eligible to apply for an Athena SWAN Charter award, the HEI must sign up to the May 2015 update of the Athena SWAN principles. We have created a template for you to adapt: Athena SWAN Charter principles letter.

Please refer to the May 2015 Athena SWAN Charter awards handbook. (The pre-expansion Athena SWAN handbook remains available for reference.)

Gold awards under the expanded charter were launched subsequently and specific guidance is not included in the handbook. Materials will be integrated into the next revision of the handbook and are currently available on the Gold application guidance web page.

HEI applications

Department applications

Small and specialist institutions

The Athena SWAN team have developed a new Athena SWAN application form for small and specialist institutions, in consultation with the small and specialist institutions network. The form was specifically developed in response to feedback regarding difficulties these institutions might have completing the HEI institutional application form.

The new application form should be completed in accordance with the expanded charter principles. Guidance on completing the application form will be forthcoming, and in the meantime, useful information can be found in the May 2015 Athena SWAN Charter awards handbook and the expanded research institutes handbook.