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Panel resources

This page contains the resources you will need for assessing applications.

All applications and related feedback will be shared via Dropbox at least three weeks prior to the panel.  Please note you will have to log into a personal or work Dropbox account to access the documents.


  • Before undertaking any assessment please ensure you have read the Equality Charter panellist role guidance which contains:
    • Guidance on what you need to do in your role as a panellist
    • Travel, expenses and location information
    • Example Athena SWAN feedback form



Other useful information

Panellists/ observers and GDPR

  • All panellists and observers sign legally binding non-disclosure agreements prior to the panel. This means that panellists/ observers are not permitted to use information provided to them for any purpose beyond reviewing the applications for panel recommendations, nor are panellists/ observers permitted to disclose information to anyone outside the panel. This applies to information within the submissions; feedback from previous submissions; and any additional information panellists request from applicants. This applies indefinitely.
  • The exceptions are: Any information which is, or in future, comes into the public domain but not by breach of panellist confidentiality obligations; Any information that was already known to the panellist/ observer, so long as this was not subject to any obligation of confidentiality before being disclosed to the panellist/ observer by us; Anonymised practice to advance equality, which the panellist/ observer may discuss without identifying any institution, department, or individual.
  • Current registered panellists will be required to sign an addendum to the NDA prior to the panel to ensure GDPR compliance.
  • The Equality Charters team no longer send emails to remind panellists/ observers to delete/ destroy panel materials, this must be done as per the legally binding NDA.
  • We will recover hard copies of submissions after each discussion, and panellists/ observers must also immediately delete all electronic copies of any documentation they hold relating to the panel. Panellists/ observers must irretrievably delete all electronic copies held; or securely destroy* any hard copies they hold of such documentation.

* ”securely destroyed” means that panellists/ observers will destroy the hard copies by shredding in order that the text is no longer legible.