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Apply for an award

Apply for an institutional level award

Any UK higher education institution which is a member of ECU’s Race Equality Charter (REC) can submit an application for an award. Member institutions are required to submit an application within three years of joining REC.

When to apply

Applications for REC will be accepted in July and February of each year. Applicants must inform us of their intention to submit an application two months in advance of each deadline. The next deadline is 14 February 2019.  To submit in this round you will need to inform us of your intention to submit for the February 2019 award round by 5pm, Thursday 13 December 2018.

Submitting an application

Applications for awards need to be submitted using the Race Equality Charter application form.

Race Equality Charter surveys

As part of the REC process institutions will need to conduct a survey. Survey templates and guidance are available on our Race Equality Charter Resources page.


Which award are we eligible to apply for? >

Any UK higher education institution that is a member of REC can apply for a Bronze or Silver level REC award.

It is anticipated that first time applicants will apply for Bronze first, before moving on to Silver.

Both awards use the same application form, but there are some additional requirements throughout for Silver applicants.

Submission rounds >

February 2019 round

Notification of intention to submit deadline: 5.00pm, Thursday 13 December 2018
Submission deadline: 5.00pm, Thursday 14 February 2018