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Blackpool Council Adult Community and Family Learning

SafeHaven: tackling harassment and bullying in the community

Keywords: Enabling careers advisers, Engaging employers, Gender identity, Sexual orientation

Region: North West region


The aims of this project are to:

  • To engage the trans-community in the design and production of flyers to identify venues as refuges.
  • Produce a film with trans and other learners focussing on addressing  learners from the different diverse groups.
  • Deliver four workshops to a variety of learners, initially those who have been identified by contacts made within the Safe Haven venues.


The project has allowed people from the various equality and diversity groups to have a voice and relate tales from their own experiences.   It has also helped to fill the gap that various forums have identified as a shortage within Blackpool.

The film produced as part of the project will now be used as a training video around key themes and issues that trans-people face on a daily basis.  This proved to be a valuable tool for training within a variety of organisations not just training establishments.

Another particular success is the continued assistance by those from the trans-community within Blackpool.


Project team

Main contact: Lynn Howarth: