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Gloucestershire College

Sexual orienteering

Keywords: Disability, Gender identity, Sexual orientation

Region:  South West region


Learners with learning difficulties, particularly those on the autistic spectrum, have difficulties with understanding relationships within an inclusive learning environment. The projects aimed to give learners with learning diffculties a set of activities and resources that are tailored to their learning requirements in order that they can understand sexual orientation, recognise diversity in their communities and be able to make informed choices about their own sexuality.


In partnership with National Star College, a specialist college for learners with disabilities, the project held four action learning sets with staff and learners from each organisation to develop four interactive and differentiated activities. The activities aimed to develop and contextualise a clear understanding of sexual orientation for adults with learning difficulties.

The four activities developed were:

  • The meaning and impact of language
  • Exploring different relationships – Diverse City – relating to the world of work
  • Everyone is different – change management and gender identity
  • Difference through mediums – a social story

The project produced an activity plan, developed specific interactive age-appropriate resources for each activity, video teacher tips for delivery, and video learner perceptions and views of sexual orientation.


Project team

Main contact: Kirsty Floran: