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Equality and diversity in family learning: religion and beliefs

Keywords: Religion and belief

Region: South West region


The project built on existing baseline research that identified gaps in the knowledge and skills of family-learning providers (in rural areas) in delivering inclusive support for learners and potential learners in response to their religion and beliefs. Accordingly, this project aimed to develop and deliver bespoke guidance, training and resources for providers to enable them to better support learners of different religions and beliefs on family-learning programmes.


The project undertook consultations with learners (current and potential), family-learning providers in both rural and urban communities, and also external experts in religion and belief.

The consultations were designed to:

  • increase understanding of the specific needs of learners within family-learning programmes, and how religion and belief influence learners’ experience, particularly within a rural context
  • inform the development of a new training programme and resources for family-learning providers
  • increase the family-learning sector’s ability to embed effective practice

From the consultations, the project developed and delivered a training programme in Devon for family-learning providers, and provided resources to enable providers to embed the training in their practice. The training and support will be shared nationally and sustained after the project as a self-funded career and personal development module.


Project team

Main contact: Jenny Thorns: