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The Learning Partnership for Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Limited

Cornwall equality project

Keywords: Apprenticeships, and traineeships, Care leavers, Disability, Engaging employers

Region: South West region


The LPCo delivers European Social Fund, Adult Skills Budget and 16–18 apprenticeship training through 50 partners including training providers, third sector and business organisations. LPCo data from 30,000 qualifications over five years shows learners with a learning disability, mental health disability or who are care leavers have lower success rates, take fewer qualifications and progress less well than other learners.

The aim of this project was to:

  • increase the number of LPCo learners with these characteristics
  • decrease the gap in success rates between these learners and other learners
  • increase the number of these learners progressing into apprenticeships from other qualifications
  • improve the level of support for these learners during their training raise awareness of the target group among employers to increase the number progressing to work experience, employment and apprenticeships


The project developed and establish a set of mentors. It recruited nine individuals from the target groups to act as mentors to LPCo provider partners for a minimum of three months. Secondly, the project developed best practice toolkits to provide information, advice and guidance. Alongside this, the project held three workshops, each dedicated to a target group, to disseminate best good practice across the providers in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.


Project team

Main contact: Andrew Green: