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The Mary Ward Centre

Inclusion in Action for LGBT students

Keywords: Gender identity, Sexual orientation

Region: London region


The aim of the project was for the Mary Ward Centre and Blackfriars Settlement to ensure that practices in providing education to adults with a lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGBT) identity are developed in full consultation with them. The project findings will be implemented as part of our ongoing wider Inclusion in Action project, to ensure that LGBT students are fully represented. The Inclusion in Action project has three objectives: to increase the visibility of equality and diversity, review policies and procedures, and improve practices.


It is essential that LGBT students feel safe and confident, and are well supported so that they achieve their learning aims and benefit fully from the additional benefits of adult learning. To achieve these aims, the project recruited a user group of LGBT students using hardcopy and digital publicity materials and through awareness events. The user group was facilitated by a staff member with an LGBT identity, with a Camden and Islington LGBT Forum representative as adviser or cofacilitator.

The user group was consulted on their own college experiences, looking at areas where individuals are most/least satisfied with their experience using various methods to  collect information, such as meetings and questionnaires. Summaries of the consultations were agreed with the group, and then published. The college will now implement the best practices identified, and publicise concrete examples across the colleges, as both information and as a celebration of the inclusion of LGBT identity.

Specific training based on the results of the consultation was delivered to tutors and staff at both centres.


Project team

Main contact: Robert Mcintosh: