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Myerscough College

Supporting female apprentices

Keywords: Apprenticeships, Remote learners, Sex

Region: North West


The project aimed to improve the participation, retention and achievement of female apprentices by devolving and extending student-support mechanisms for remote learners. Women were identified as a target as college data consistently shows gaps in achievement and success rates between male and female apprentices across all levels.


The current support structure for FE students provides those at risk of withdrawing with a timely and personalised intervention. This often removes individual barriers to learning for students as well as alleviating pressure on teaching staff, enabling them to focus on teaching and learning. The project created a support structure for female apprentices, as remote learners, that provides specific and targeted interventions for students with additional support needs. In addition, the project explored the role that peer support may play in supporting remote learners and the impact of practical and emotional support.

The project provided support and information, advice and guidance for college work-based tutors and employers to ensure that all involved are proactive in challenging gender stereotypes. The project also explored national good practice in the recruitment of apprentices and the information, advice and guidance provided to applicants as well as apprentices that wish to progress. The project  worked with employer networks and sector networks to establish how local knowledge and diversity data can be used to support improved participation and retention while ensuring organisational and local skills demands are met. This informed continuing professional development requirements for staff and became part of the rolling programme of equality, diversity
and inclusion training.


Project team

Main contact: Lenny St Jean: