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Plumpton College

Equality and diversity in Sussex colleges

Keywords: Age, Apprenticeships and traineeships, Disability, Race, Sex, Sexual orientation

Region: South East region


This project aimed to:

  • to use peer group development and working to identify and remove barriers that cause underrepresentation and stereotyping of apprentices and work-based learners in both the rural and wider workplaces
  • to use leading practitioners to establish a physical and virtual staff peer support group to enable the exchange of best practice used in addressing race, gender and disability issues with learners and other staff


Good practice has been embedded through collaborative working of cross sector groups to develop resources that are both age and cognitive level appropriate.  The resources provide awareness raising and appropriate challenge for learners with a range of learning difficulties and or disabilities.

Good practice has been spread through online resources, allowing teaching staff anywhere to access the resource idea and the “teacher tips”.


Peer review space

Project team

Main contact: Tim Strickland: