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South Tyneside College

Embedding equality and diversity in employer training partnerships to impact gender bias

Keywords: Apprenticeships, Employers, Sex, Traineeships

Region: North East region


The project aimed to develop and implement an e-toolkit, which included support and training activities for learners, employers and training staff around gender bias. The toolkit aimed to ensure a consistent, good value and best practice approach to equality and diversity within work-based activities and learning.

In addition, the toolkit aimed to ensure that programme content and opportunities to drive best practice were continually reviewed and improved upon. All elements were to focus on legal requirements, ethics, importance and key benefits of equality and diversity. All were to include impact assessment tools as a core focus for practice improvement.


The e-toolkit was developed and it includes:

  • continuing professional development (CPD) programmes for trainers and employers on how to embed equality and diversity within information, advice and guidance, marketing to potential learners, enrolment, work-based activities, learning and assessment
  • audit standards for gender equality for both providers and employers to be used in planning, implementing and measuring the impact of equality and diversity interventions, checking that learning resources maximise opportunities for embedding equality and diversity, marketing and recruitment guides
  • an online programme for learners to complete at induction, with additional units to reinforce equality and diversity throughout their programme, which, once complete, is recognised by an equality and diversity passport


Project team

Main contact: David Jackson: