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Workers’ Educational Association

Intersectionality in adult and community learning

Keywords: Intersectional identities

Region: National project


Intersectionality in adult and community learning (ACL) aimed to raise the capacity and capability of learning practitioners to respond to the needs of diverse students and volunteers through an increased understanding of intersectionality.

The project aimed to give voice to the lived experiences of intersectionality of diverse tutors, learners and volunteers from a range of FE and ACL contexts through case studies and virtual-learning resources produced as part of the project.


The project produced a suite of onine eLearning modules to cover each of the protected characteristics.

The communication about the project internally within the WEA has raised the organisations knowledge and understanding about intersectionality.

In the short term immediate participants in the project have increased their understanding of the challenges and needs of diverse groups of students with intersectional characteristics.


Project team

Main contact: Mel Lenehan: