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Learning session 1

Day 1: 11.15am - 12.45pm

You can choose one of the following learning sessions:

A: Panel of papers

Paper 1: The need for over-representation of Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) Academics
Dr Bernadine Idowu-Onibokun (Kings College London, Dental Institute)

Paper 2: Steps towards increased female leadership in science in an international research organisation in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Evelyne Kestelyn (Oxford University Clinical Research Unit)

Paper 3: Technically speaking: collaborating to identify and address EDI challenges for the technical community
Kelly Vere, Science Council (University of Nottingham) and Kate Jones (University of Liverpool)

B: Panel of papers

Paper 1: Learning from complaints: Good practice in supporting disabled students and students with mental health issues
Anne Lee (OIA)

Paper 2. Supporting students with visual impairment in higher education
Rachel Hewett and Prof Graeme Douglas (University of Birmingham)

Paper 3. LGBTQ+ student mental health: understanding the challenges and needs of gender, sexual and romantic minorities in higher education
Dom Smithies and Rosie Tressler (Students Minds)

C: Microaggressions ‘Where do you draw the line?’, co-producing innovative approaches to tackling harassment, discrimination and hate crime through evidence-based practice

Danielle Chavrimootoo and Catherine Prescott (University of Manchester)

D: Religion and Belief

Jess Moody (Advance HE)

E: Governance and EDI

Advance HE