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Home Article Athena SWAN Silver awards and Biomedical Research Centre funding – deadlines set

Athena SWAN Silver awards and Biomedical Research Centre funding – deadlines set

Published: 17/12/2015

The National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) has announced that applicants intending to apply for Biomedical Research Centre (BRC) funding must submit their pre-qualifying questionnaire by 15 February 2016.

As previously notified, the Department of Health has stated that in this competition for NIHR BRC designation they do not expect to shortlist any NHS/university partnership where the academic partner has not achieved at least a Silver Athena SWAN award. An ‘academic partner’ might be, for example, a faculty, college, school, department, division or institute.

Further information on the NIHR application process can be found here:

What this means for you

If you applied for a Silver Athena SWAN award in the November 2015 submission round and have told us that told us you intend to apply for BRC funding, we have prioritised assessment of your application. We will be assessing these applications in January 2016 and will endeavour to inform those applicants of their result as soon as possible in advance of the NIHR deadline.

If they are unsuccessful and wish to appeal, our normal process will apply (which can be found here: If they meet the grounds for appeal we will resubmit the application to a new panel; we will endeavour to expedite this, but cannot guarantee that this will take place before the NIHR deadline.

If you have not yet told us that you are applying for BRC funding, please contact the Athena SWAN team,,  immediately.