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Home Article ECU responds to HE white paper

ECU responds to HE white paper

Published: 16/05/2016

Provision of new information will help the sector take measures to overcome disadvantage

The HE white paper ‘Success as a Knowledge Economy: Teaching Excellence, Social Mobility and Student Choice’, published today, builds on the proposals set out in the green paper to improve opportunities for disadvantaged groups.

HEIs will be required to publish data on application, offer and progression by ethnicity, gender and socioeconomic background. Provision of this information, along with overall participation rates, continuation rates, degree attainment and outcome and employment outcomes will help the sector to understand the barriers that exist – and put in place measures to overcome disadvantage. You can read more about this in our response to the green paper.

David Ruebain, Chief Executive of ECU said:

‘We will continue to help the sector tackle deep ingrained disadvantages through its advice, guidance and equality Charters. We will work with the Director of Fair Access, and the newly formed Office for Students to support them discharge their new statutory duty to cover equality of opportunity across the whole student lifecycle.’

ECU’s new publication ‘Know your numbers’ sets out some of the key issues that the sector needs to tackle.