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Home Article ECU welcomes move to clarify legal position on segregated events

ECU welcomes move to clarify legal position on segregated events

Published: 13/12/2013

Debate sparked by UUK guidance to institutions

ECU welcomes the move by Universities UK and and the Equality and Human Rights Commission to seek further clarification of equality law around the complexities of balancing competing rights and responsibilities raised in the hypothetical case study.

We know that higher education institutions will welcome further consideration of this issue, as the current ambiguity in the law can make it difficult for institutions and students’ unions to create policies and procedures that ensure equality for all while maintaining the rights of individuals to express their views and convictions.

However, it must be acknowledged that equality legislation is often not clear cut, and an institution’s response to requests for segregated meetings are still likely to be based on a process of consideration of the context and in consultation with staff, students and the group requesting the event. This process of dialogue is key to building relationships and understanding between groups with differing perspectives.

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