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Home Article Welcome to ECU’s new website

Welcome to ECU’s new website

Published: 10/07/2014

A new look site focusing on key challenges and practical guidance.

I am delighted to welcome you to ECU’s new-look website.

A fresh approach

Our previous site was developed in 2008, and since then the work of ECU, the equality and diversity agenda and the needs of the higher education sector have changed significantly.

Practical guidance

As the sector has moved beyond legal compliance to inclusive practice, the structure of our website has also changed. We have moved away from organising our content by protected characteristics to focusing on areas of your work. We’ve brought all our Guidance and resources together on the topics that you are interested in.

Sharing practice

The wesbite is designed to be more interactive, and allows us to use different media and link to our social media conversations. It is now easier to find relevant case studies and good practice examples around the subject you’re interested in.

Finding what you need

We hope that the structure will help you find what you need more easily. We’ve also added a powerful search function which will bring up material from across the site.

Transformation programmes

ECU’s Athena SWAN Charter, gender equality charter mark and race equality charter mark will undoubtedly be important vehicles to deliver change. All of our information on these can be found in Equality charter marks. This is the first time that our content for Athena SWAN members has been brought into the main ECU website.

Highlighting the challenges

We have developed a new area, The equality challenge to illustrate the key issues that the sector faces. We’ll be adding the latest statistics and research findings here, along side our blog where we’ll look at current debates.

Have your say

We’re always looking for your feedback and input into our work. We’ll be advertising surveys, consultations and opportunities to get involved across the site.

Launch phase

We’re still in the process of making sure all our content and publications are available on the new site, and will be ironing out the inevitable technical bugs over the next few weeks post launch. Accessibility of the site is, of course, very important to us. You can find options on the top right of every page – do let us know if you have any problems. We will be improving the accessibility as a priority after launch.


If you have any feedback, problems or can’t find what you’re looking for contact: Communications team: Email: Phone: 020 7438 1010 I hope you enjoy exploring the site and discovering new features as we develop them. Best wishes David Ruebain