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Professor Geoff Layer

Vice-chancellor of the University of Wolverhampton.

Geoff has been the Vice-chancellor of the University of Wolverhampton since August 2011.

He was previously Deputy Vice-chancellor at the University of Bradford.  He has also worked in universities in Luton and Sheffield.

An internationally regarded advisor on widening participation in higher education, he was the founding director of the HEFCE national co-ordinating team for widening participation, action on access.

He has directed national support programmes and played a national role in the development of credit accumulation and transfer in the UK. He is a member of local, regional and national bodies established to develop employment skills and opportunities.

Geoff feels strongly about social justice, and is a firm believer in developing the social model of disability into a broader concept of removing barriers to education and employment.

Since his appointment as Vice-chancellor of the University of Wolverhampton, Geoff has driven forward the equality and diversity agenda, ensuring it is at the heart of everything the University undertakes with the expectation that faculties, corporate services and governors all engage with equality and diversity issues.