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Home Publication Governing bodies, equality and diversity

Governing bodies, equality and diversity

Published: 04/04/2009

A handbook for governors of higher education institutions

Governing-bodies-coverThis handbook describes the responsibilities of governing bodies in relation to equality and diversity and provides practical guidance, case studies and resources to assist governors in meeting them.

Topics covered include:

The role of governors

  • Strategic planning – why do equality and diversity matter?
  • Institutional culture
  • Compliance with the law
  • Assurance and accountability
  • Specific responsibilities of governors

Diversity of governing bodies

  • Securing a diverse governing body
  • Methods used to recruit diverse board members

Taking the issues forward

The handbook also includes useful material including:

  • Diversity facts and figures in the UK and higher education
  • Checklist of equality questions for use by governing bodies
  • Guidance on use of language and terminology