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Home Publication Improving the experiences of international staff in UK HE

Improving the experiences of international staff in UK HE

Published: 01/09/2013

Research report and summary

international-staff-coverIn an increasingly global society, higher education can create exciting opportunities for international collaboration and shared learning. International staff are a key part of this. Their potential to bring different experiences, skills, knowledge and networks can enrich UK education and aid collaboration.

However, with this opportunity comes increased competition. Higher education institutions need to attract and recruit the best staff to offer high-quality research and teaching in a global market.

To do this they need to ensure that staff not only feel valued and supported, but that their international experiences are respected and utilised to the benefit of the sector.

This report and summary┬ámake recommendations to the sector based on international staff members’ responses to an ECU survey of their experiences.

Areas covered include:

  • Providing information, advice and guidance on living in the UK
  • Support once staff are in post
  • Overcoming cultural issues and barriers