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Home Publication Mainstreaming: equality at the heart of FE and HE: final reports

Mainstreaming: equality at the heart of FE and HE: final reports

Published: 01/06/2012

Sharing the findings of ECU's mainstreaming programme in Scotland

‘Mainstreaming takes equality to the heart of an institution, moving it from a bolt-on aspect of delivery to an integral part of the way it thinks and functions … Often referred to as a ‘journey’, mainstreaming is a longitudinal, organic process of change.’

ECU’s mainstreaming programme worked with higher education institutions and colleges in Scotland to develop their understanding of and ability to mainstream equality across their functions and help them meet the aspirations of the Scottish public sector equality duty.

This publication shares the findings of the programme, drawing on the experiences of the participating institutions as they developed their approach and implemented initiatives to start the mainstreaming process. The report pulls together the challenges, the lessons learned and recommendations from the participants as they undertook their unique mainstreaming journey.

Higher education institutions and colleges across the UK interested in mainstreaming equality will find this publication helpful.

Areas covered by the report include:

  • Defining mainstreaming
  • Institutional mainstreaming initiatives
  • Key lessons for success
  • Case studies
  • Recommendations