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Home Scottish HEI Liaison Group (SLG) meeting – 6 October 2016

Scottish HEI Liaison Group (SLG) meeting – 6 October 2016

Thursday 6 October, 11.00am to 3.30pm, at the University of Stirling

The next meeting will take place on Thursday 6 October, from 11.00am to 3.30pm at the University of Stirling. Lunch and refreshments will be provided.

*Please note this SLG meeting will provide a workshop opportunity to support universities in meeting the new equal pay requirements of the Scottish Public Sector Equality Duty Regulations, including the 2016 amendments. In April 2017, institutions are required to publish information on their gender pay gap and provide an equal pay statement containing information on occupational segregation and their equal pay policy. Close the Gap will be contributing to the session. This workshop is open to anyone in your institution with responsibility for equal pay reporting, policy development and planning.  The session will include a refresher of the regulations and the changes coming in for 2017 and will consider what we have learned from the 2013 and 2015 reporting cycles.

The agenda will also include an update on ECU’s programme of work in Scotland and group discussion.

By the end of the workshop session participants will:

  • Be able to explain the requirements of the public sector equality duty as it relates to pay gap reporting and equal pay statements including occupational segregation and equal pay policy reporting (including publication requirements)
  • Have an understanding of the lessons that can be learned from previous pay reporting and equal pay statements
  • Be familiar issues in relation to disability and race and reporting pay information
  • Be familiar with factors to consider in ensuring pay policies promote equality
  • Have discussed and identified the factors that result in occupational segregation in their college.
  • Have considered the type of contextual information they may want to include in their equal pay statement


  • Equal pay workshop 11.00-14.30
  • Scottish HEI Liaison Group meeting business 14.30-15.30

You are welcome to attend for the full day, or to join for either part of the session.

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