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Sector bodies equality forum (SBEF)

Equality Challenge Unit recognises the importance of partnership working to further our aim of advancing equality and diversity for staff and students in higher education.

SBEF was established by ECU in 2013 with the intention of ensuring that higher education sector agencies and other non-HEI stakeholders have the opportunity to collectively consider equality and diversity challenges and priorities faced in their work, and where appropriate, inform, collaborate with and support each other’s efforts towards overcoming equality challenges.

The purpose of SBEF is to:

  • inform agencies attending of the equality priorities and challenges that are being faced by respective stakeholders
  • inform on appropriate approaches to tackle equality challenges
  • provide opportunity to update others on planned and on-going work to advance equality
  • where possible, agree joint approaches to tackling challenges, and where relevant, inform and steer ECU’s programme of work to meet challenges

Next meeting

The next meeting of the Sector bodies equality forum takes place on 21 October 2015 between 10.30 and 13.00 at ECU’s office’s in Holborn. If you have received an invitation to attend the meeting, please complete the form below to confirm your attendance.

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