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Find out how Equality Challenge Unit can be your partners in advancing equality and diversity in your institution.

Equality Challenge Unit (ECU) works to further and support equality and diversity for staff and students in higher education institutions across the UK and in colleges in Scotland.

Our approach is evidence-based, using research to identify and change practices that unfairly exclude, marginalise or disadvantage people. This evidence supports institutions to remove barriers to progression and success for all staff and students.

Advancing equality and diversity improves the staff and student experience for everyone working and learning in universities and colleges.

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Who can subscribe?

You can subscribe to ECU if your higher education institution is based in England or Northern Ireland.

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How do we join?

The next subscription year begins on 1 January 2018 but you can sign up now.

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What are the benefits of subscription?

Benefits of joining ECU include:

Voice-smallAn authoritative voice, keeping you in the picture when it comes to emerging policy, legislation and national trends affecting the sector.

ECU acts on your behalf  to deliver a unique overview of equality and diversity issues across the country. Our statistical research and reports are the nationally recognised standard for framing the conversation within higher education, and ECU is an authoritative voice amongst MPs, sector bodies, and the national press.

Support-smallWe support you in addressing your institution’s specific equality needs

ECU is dedicated to meeting the needs of the sector. We’re keen to find out what’s going on within your institution so we can support you to achieve your own aims and objectives relating to equality and diversity.

Tools-smallWe support a community of good practice across the higher education sector

ECU harnesses the collective expertise of the sector’s equality and diversity professionals. Together we can create a strong knowledge base and sustainable network committed to sharing resources, exchanging ideas and promoting good practice.

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How much does subscription cost?

Subscription levels are based on your institution’s total income in 2015/16. You can find information about your university’s total income on the Higher Education Statistics Agency website in Table 1: Income and expenditure by HE provider 2015/16 and 2014/15

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Questions about subscribing?

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