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About ECU’s benefits and services

Subscription to ECU provides your institution with an authoritative voice, keeping you informed of emerging legislation and national trends. We’ll support you in addressing your institution’s equality needs and you’ll join us in building a community of good practice across the higher education sector.

Subscribe to ECU for 2018

Voice-smallWe’ll be an authoritative voice, keeping you in the picture when it comes to emerging policy, legislation or national trends.

ECU acts on your behalf  to deliver a unique overview of equality and diversity issues across the country. Our statistical research and reports are the nationally recognised standard for framing the conversation within higher education, and ECU is an authoritative voice among MPs, sector bodies, and the national press.

Subscribers to ECU will receive:

  • All the latest news relating to equality in HE
    Stay up-to-date with developments from around the sector with our monthly email, Memberlink
  • Timely responses to policy and legislation that affect your institution
    ECU ensures that institutions receive comprehensive, clear and direct advice relating to any national and international developments affecting equality and diversity in your institution.
  • Access to compelling research
    ECU’s research is used around the world and forms the basis for our reports which are highly regarded and often cited when making the case for equality. These are freely available to our members.

Support-smallWe’ll support you in addressing your institution’s specific equality needs

ECU is dedicated to meeting the needs of the sector. We’re keen to find out what’s going on within your institution so we can support you to achieve your own aims and objectives relating to equality and diversity.

Subscribers to ECU will receive:

  • Dedicated membership support
    As a member of ECU, our team will guide you through our services and resources to ensure you gain the maximum benefit from your subscription. We’re also on hand to help if you require any advice or guidance.
  • Access to our Athena SWAN and Race Equality Charters
    Our equality charters allow higher education institutions to ensure they’re fulfilling their commitments to equality and diversity by using our carefully developed evidence driven processes.
  • Free consultancy
    We understand the importance of providing the right support for your institution. That’s why our members are entitled to free consultancy to support you on a range of equality issues.

Tools-smallWe’ll build a supported community of good practice across the higher education sector

ECU harnesses the collective expertise of the sector’s equality and diversity professionals so together we can create a strong knowledge base and sustainable network committed to sharing resources, exchanging ideas and promoting good practice.

Subscribers to ECU will receive:

  • Access to ECU’s members web portal
    As a subscriber to ECU, you’ll enjoy online access to our reports, training resources and guidance.
  • Access to our wide-range of training materials
    As a member of ECU, you’ll enjoy access to our training resources, which have been developed over the years by experts in equality, and continues to grow. Our training materials are comprehensive and easy to follow.
  • Free and discounted access to a number of ECU conferences, training, events and bespoke services
    As a benefit of membership, members will be invited to attend a number of ECU’s events throughout the year, including conferences, training programmes and networking opportunities. You’ll also have discounted access to our range of bespoke services options.

ECU is an entirely not-for-profit organisation and is committed to delivering exceptional value for money for its members.

Subscribe to ECU for 2018