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Advancing equality and diversity in universities and colleges

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Consultancy options

Consultancy is provided for all subscribing institutions.

We asked for your feedback on ECU’s consultancy in 2016. You said that the consultancy we delivered exceeded expectations, but that arranging consultancy could be simplified and improved.

Our 2017 consultancy offer provides you with a menu of consultancy options which can be tailored to your institutional and audience needs. The booking process is simplified, to request 2017 consultancy fill out this short form.

Availability of consultancy options depends upon the capacity of ECU staff. There are a limited number of each consultancy option available, please book early to avoid disappointment.  Read the consultancy guidelines for subscribers here.  

ECU is pleased to offer the following options for consultancy in 2017:

Equality and diversity support

Support with equality and diversity, all workshops will be tailored to meet the specific needs of your institution.

An introduction to the equality landscape in higher education – presentation and workshop

A general session that covers the major equality and diversity challenges in today’s higher education sector.

An introduction to race equality in higher education – presentation and workshop

This session is designed for any university that considers itself at the beginning of their journey to advance race equality.

An introduction to gender equality in higher education – presentation and workshop

This session is designed for universities (or departments or teams within universities) that wish to better understand the gender equality challenges that continue to exist within higher education in the UK for both staff and students.

An introduction to disability equality in higher education – presentation and workshop

This session will be useful for all staff. It will enable them to anticipate and remove disabling barriers.

Developing your equality objectives – facilitated session

The purpose of this session is to deepen colleagues’ knowledge of the equality landscape in higher education in order to enable a review of the institution’s current equality objectives, and development of new objectives.

Tackling the BME attainment gap – presentation and workshop

This session would be of value to equality and diversity practitioners.

TEF, social mobility and the student journey: the equality challenge – presentation and workshop

This session would be of value to staff inputting into the TEF, student experience, and equality and diversity practitioners.

Increasing diversity in student recruitment and admissions – presentation and workshop

This session will be of interest to staff in student recruitment, admissions, widening participation, or equality and diversity.

Gender diversity in recruitment: attracting the best talent – workshop

This session will be suitable for institutions that have made a commitment to improving gender diversity in particular areas, but that are struggling to recruit a diverse workforce.

Consultancy on religion and belief and trans equality is currently being developed and will be available later in the year (from the autumn term) .  If you are interested in these options, please contact us before booking your consultancy.

Training and learning 

Delivery of any of our training packages, such as our package on unconscious bias or good relations, for up to 25 people.

Train the trainer packages are not included in consultancy, as they are delivered over two days with time built in for participants to reflect.

Anticipating reasonable adjustments – workshop

This workshop enables staff working in service provision to anticipate and remove disabling barriers, ensuring their services are inclusive to all staff and students.

Equality and diversity awareness – workshop

ECU’s equality and diversity awareness programme is designed to provide participants with the skills, knowledge and confidence to deal effectively with a range of equality and diversity issues in the workplace.

Good relations in higher and further education – workshop

This workshop equips delegates with the knowledge and skills to identify and manage tensions that may destabilise relations between different groups and develop strategies for promoting good relations.

Unconscious bias – workshop

ECU’s unconscious bias programme equips participants with the knowledge and skills to identify unconscious biases, understand their impact upon behaviour and decision making, and develop techniques to minimise that impact.

Bullying and harassment – workshop (dignity at work)

Protect staff from bullying and harassment and create a culture that promotes dignity at work.

Research and data support

Workshops conducted by our research and data team. Limited availability, please book early.

Equality data collection, monitoring, and disclosure – workshop

This workshop equips participants with an understanding of the key considerations relating to equality data collection, monitoring and disclosure, alongside practical strategies and resources.

Conducting interviews and focus groups – workshop

This workshop offers practical guidance on conducting interviews and focus groups.

Equality Charters

These sessions will inform and support you through the process of applying to ECU’s equality charters.

Please note that there is limited availability for these consultancy options.

An introduction to ECU’s equality charters – workshop

This session is for any university at the beginning of their involvement with ECU’s equality charters. Providing an overview of the history and processes, the workshop will equip your staff with the tools to start on their journey towards applying to an ECU Charter.

Good practice: Using quantitative information in charter applications – workshop

This session will equip attendees with knowledge of good practice in the gathering, analysis and reporting of quantitative information and qualitative feedback in equality charter applications.

Thinking like a Charter Panellist – workshop – This consultancy session is now fully booked for 2017

Participating in a review panel is one of the best ways to build understanding of ECU’s equality charters – this session seeks to share this experience beyond the panel setting, so that attendees can begin to “think like a panellist” and utilise this insight in their self-assessment process and development of a charter submission.

Engaging with the post-May 2015 Athena SWAN – workshop

Participants will gain a clear understanding of the requirements of the expanded charter and how to transition smoothly from their current awards to the post-May 2015 awards.

Getting started with the Race Equality Charter

Once your institution has made the decision to become a member of the Race Equality Charter (REC) it can be daunting to know how to begin. This session guides you through the process.

From SMART actions to impact – Workshop

This session is for universities or departments aiming for silver awards.

Further options

The following are examples of other ways your consultancy can be used:

  • Input into a committee meeting, working group on specific issues or into annual planning
  • Speaking on a range of equality and diversity issues at conferences
  • Research support (e.g. a focus group to help develop better qualitative data for the HEI)

While subscribers can state a preference for a specific member of ECU staff to deliver your consultancy, our ability to fulfil your request will be based on availability and ECU expertise.

Subscribers should fill out this form to arrange consultancy delivery and area of support. All requests for consultancy should be made through the person you have told us is your primary contact. Please note the chief executive would not normally deliver consultancy.