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An introduction to race equality in higher education


This session is designed for any university that considers itself at the beginning of their journey to advance race equality. The facilitator from ECU will present the current race equality landscape in higher education and then facilitate discussions among participants about the current picture in their own institution.

On the day

The workshop will specifically cover:

  • the race equality challenges in UK higher education for both staff and students
  • language and terminology used in race equality discussions
  • why race equality is important
  • how your institution can take a strategic approach to race equality: an introduction to ECU’s Race Equality Charter
  • good practice examples for universities taking a strategic approach to race equality.

Please note that this option can only be delivered as a full day session. Members can use their consultancy allowance for half of the session and purchase the remaining half-day at our bespoke subscriber rate – costs here.

The session can be attended by up to 25 participants.

Request your consultancy

Please allow up to six weeks’ notice when requesting this consultancy.