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Bullying and harassment on campus

Protect staff from bullying and harassment and create a culture that promotes dignity at work.


This workshop is suitable for anyone who manages staff.

While the focus of the workshop will be staff-related, the content may also be of interest to anyone who deals with dignity and respect issues for students.

On the day    

This workshop covers a broad range of issues including the legislative context, various forms of bullying and harassment and the challenges for creating an institutional culture of dignity and respect.

Through group discussions and practical exercises participants will:

  • explore informal and formal processes for resolving incidents of bullying and harassment
  • gain an understanding of how to rebuild teams following complaints and investigations.

There will also be plenty of time for discussion, sharing of good practice and reflection on what you can take back to your institution as part of the training.

The workshop is delivered as a half-day session.

The maximum number of participants for this session is 25.

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