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Good practice: Using quantitative information in charter applications

This session will equip attendees with knowledge of good practice in the gathering, analysis and reporting of quantitative information and qualitative feedback in equality charter applications.


Ideal for anyone involved with ECU’s equality charters, whether at the beginning of their journey towards awards or those already on their way.

On the day    

This session will leave attendees confident in how to use quantitative and qualitative data in their charters applications.

This session provides an overview of the data requirements of the charters and will equip participants with:

  • an understanding of current practice and issues in data collection, recording, analysis and reporting
  • analytical strategies
  • the ability to present data in charter applications
  • benchmarking sources and knowledge of how to use benchmarking data.

ECU recommends that the workshop is delivered as a half-day session, but it can be adjusted to suit your timings.

The maximum number of participants for this session is 30

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