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Tackling the BME attainment gap


This session would be of value to equality and diversity practitioners.

On the day

This session will focus on the persistence of the BME attainment gap in UK universities and how universities need to take a strategic approach to tackling the racial inequalities experienced by students.

Through our presentation, we will focus on the key questions that universities need to consider in order to tackle the BME attainment gap: How do we create a sense of belonging for all our students? How do we engage BME students as partners in tackling discrimination and creating a more inclusive environment? How do we adapt our curriculum to be more inclusive?

During our presentation, we will draw upon examples from the work a range of universities are undertaking to tackle the BME attainment gap and provide ample room for discussion and questions.

Depending on audience and time available this session can also include a focus on planning, with participants working to identify steps that they can take to ensure students achieve their full potential.

We would recommend a half day for the session, but it can be adapted to suit your timings.

We recommend that around 15-20 participants participate in this session.

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Please allow up to six weeks’ notice when requesting this consultancy.