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The equality challenge

Much work has been done across UK higher education and colleges in Scotland to advance equality for staff and students. But some persistent challenges remain, and changes in society bring up new developments that impact on equality in the sector.

In order to make a difference to the lives and careers of staff and students across our universities and colleges, it is vital that we know where to target equality initiatives, and what challenges we need to overcome.

Our annual analysis of equality data in UK HE and FE in Scotland allows us to highlight the areas where action is needed. These national figures show trends across the country, but can also help individual institutions identify where action could be taken at a local level.

If your institution has a lower than average rate of staff declaring a disability, for example, perhaps you need to consider developing a culture that encourages disclosure. If female students with a Bangladeshi background aren’t attaining the same level of degree as white students in a particular subject, looking at tackling specific barriers they may face could be a priority.

Information in this section will be updated regularly as data becomes available, and we’ll be highlighting different areas and discussing new trends, issues and debates as they occur through our blog.