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Advance HE has a long track record of delivering training and learning programmes to support UK higher education institutions and colleges in Scotland in their work across a wide range of equality and diversity-related topics. In recent years our client base has expanded and we now work with a number of organisations both within and beyond the education sector.

Our clients:


Our training is:

  • Specifically tailored to the requirements of our clients, understanding their context and challenges, and supporting their values, strategic direction and approach to learning;
  • Evidence-based and outcome focused: drawing on relevant research evidence and valid best practice, affecting attitudes, perceptions, behaviours and decision-making;
  • Practical in content: offering practical suggestions for tackling inequality and building inclusivity, and making use of real-world examples and scenarios that are accessible and relevant to the people we are delivering training to.

The bespoke packages we offer can be tailored to suit your institution/ organisation’s needs. Delivery of any of our bespoke training packages is for up to 25 people per session and can be delivered as a full day or a half day.

For national subscriber training, please see our events page for more details of upcoming training.

Charging Structure

Please note our new prices for 2018


  • Day rate: solo facilitator – £900 + expenses
  • Day rate: two facilitators – £1500 + expenses
  • Half day rate: solo facilitator – £500 + expenses
  • Half day rate: two facilitators – £850 + expenses


  • Day rate: solo facilitator – £1200 + expenses
  • Day rate: two facilitators – £1800 + expenses
  • Half day rate: solo facilitator – £800 + expenses
  • Half day rate: two facilitators – £1150 + expenses

Development cost= £375 per 0.5 days

Please note that for any new business request, a charge for at least 0.5 days development is always included.

Please speak to one of our staff members for more details. You can find details of the Training and Learning team on the Who Are We page.

Our training packages:

Delivery of one of our core training packages, tailored to meet your particular requirements. Please note all consultancy options are also available as bespoke training.

Achieving trans inclusivity in HE – workshop >

Based on Advance HE's 2016 guidance on trans inclusivity this training aims to support institutions in implementing non-discriminatory policies, supporting trans students and staff, and creating an inclusive culture.

Take me to the Achieving Trans Inclusivity in Higher Education page

An intro to race equality in HE – presentation and
workshop >

This session is designed for any university that considers itself at the beginning of their journey to advance race equality.

Take me to the Introduction to Race Equality in higher education page.

Anticipating reasonable adjustments – workshop >

This workshop enables staff working in service provision to anticipate and remove disabling barriers, ensuring their services are inclusive of all staff and students.

Take me to the Anticipating reasonable adjustments page.

Dignity and respect – workshop >

Advance HE’s dignity and respect training programmes provide the opportunity for participants to build the skills and confidence to deal with the challenges of establishing an institutional culture that is inclusive and respectful of all students and staff, and respond effectively to those incidents of unacceptable behaviour that do occur, within the framework of their institutional policy and processes.

Take me to the Dignity and Respect page

Equality analysis and impact assessment – workshop >

Available either as an introduction for staff who are new to equality analysis or as a refresher for institutions that are seeking to improve their process.

Take me to the Equality analysis and impact assessment page.

Good relations in higher and further education –
workshop >

This workshop equips delegates with the knowledge and skills to identify and manage tensions that may destabilise relations between different groups and develop strategies for promoting good relations.

Take me to the Good Relations in higher education page.

Leading equality and diversity change – workshop >

This programme explores the role and remit of equality champions, the skills, abilities, values and attitudes required to be effective in the role and how to engage with stakeholders and lead change.

Take me to the Leading equality and diversity change page.

Unconscious bias – workshop >

Advance HE’s unconscious bias programme equips participants with the knowledge and skills to identify unconscious biases, understand their impact on behaviour and decision making, and develop techniques to minimise that impact.

  • ‘Introduction to unconscious bias’- for institutions that are beginning work around unconscious bias.
  • ‘managing unconscious bias’- providing a more detailed exploration of how factors such as privilege and micro-behaviours impact on the sense of belonging that students and staff experience, and what practical steps institutions can take to address them.

Take me to the Unconscious Bias page.

Please note that ‘Train the trainer’ packages are not included in consultancy as they are delivered over two days. However, it is possible for you to use your consultancy hours as part of a train the trainer package, thus reducing the overall cost. 


Other bespoke training:

Advance HE provides training on a wide range of equality and diversity issues. Training programmes include:

  • Fair recruitment and selection
  • Skills development for equality champions and staff and student networks
  • Reasonable adjustments and accommodation of student and staff requirements

If you would like to be sent an example programme outline for our training packages, fill in this form.


We have a wide selection of webinars that cover a range of topics.

To request your consultancy, please visit the consultancy page.

Contact us

To learn more about Advance HE’s training and learning services and how we might support you in your work to progress equality and diversity contact us at:

T:         0203 870 6024