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Trans people

There are growing numbers of trans people working and learning in higher education institutions and colleges. Ensure your institution is inclusive and provides appropriate support.

Guidance and resources for institutions

Our fully-updated revision to ECU’s 2010 guidance focusses on improving experiences for trans staff and students in HE and colleges.

Additional resources including downloadble templates, checklists and policies for use in institutions can also be found alongside this guidance.

Case Studies

Further trans case studies and information reflecting the voices of trans young people can be found at the following links within Scottish guidance published in 2017:


For the latest equality monitoring statistics for staff and students in higher education for the protected characteristics of ‘gender reassignent’ see our annual statistics reports.

Policy work

Advance HE continues to inform policy and practice on furthering inclusion for trans people (including non-binary people) in universities across the UK and in Colleges in Scotland.

Consultation Responses:

Relevant consultation responses: