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Our research ethics

ECU's statement on research ethics.

ECU is committed to conducting research in line with good practice in research ethics, ensuring the confidentiality and well-being of research participants, the transparency of the research process, and the quality of research results. This commitment extends to all research conducted on behalf of ECU.

All research conducted by or on behalf of ECU complies with the following research ethics norms and practices:

Integrity and transparency: ECU documents all stages of research design and data collection, cleaning, coding and analysis to ensure that the research process is transparent and, as far as possible, replicable. ECU requires that commissioned researchers also maintain full and accurate records of the research process.

Independence: ECU is committed to ensuring that all research is independent, and any conflict of interest or partiality on behalf of ECU staff or commissioned researchers is made explicit before and/or during all research projects.

Voluntary participation: Participation in any research conducted by or on behalf of ECU is voluntary. Research participants have the right to withdraw from participation and do not need to state any reasons for their decision to withdraw.

Minimising risk: All research conducted by or on behalf of ECU is risk-assessed, with the aim to minimise risk to researchers and research participants as much as possible. Where appropriate, ECU signposts participants to resources/support around sensitive issues that could arise in the research process.

Informed consent: ECU is committed to ensuring that research participants are fully informed of the purpose and methods of research projects, the processing of participants’ data, and intended research outputs. In all research conducted by or on behalf of ECU, clear informed consent is obtained from all participants.

Anonymity and confidentiality: ECU is committed to protecting the identity of research participants at all times through anonymity or confidentiality, unless research participants explicitly agree to, or request, the publication of their personal information. Unless explicit consent has been given otherwise, at no point does ECU share respondents’ information in a way that would allow individuals to be identified by a third party.

Data protection: All data are held and processed in accordance with the UK Data Protection Act 1998 (from 25 May 2018: Data Protection Act 2018) and strict internal data protection, management and storage principles.

For questions, queries or complaints regarding the ethics of ECU research, please contact:

Dr Julia Halej, Researcher

Equality Challenge Unit, First Floor, Westminster Tower, 3 Albert Embankment, London SE1 7SP


Telephone: 020 38706005